Tokiwabashi Tower(Tokiwabashi Project Tower A)

Construction has started on Tokiwabashi Tower(Tower A), part of the planned 10-year development of the Tokiwabashi district in Tokyo. The mixed-used retail and office tower will have 40 stories above ground, a height of 212 m,and a gross floor area of 146,000 m². The site adjoins Tokiwabashi Gate, the front gate of Edo Castle, near which many samurai lords built their city residences. The design of the tower reflects this history, expressing a “sword” that will drive growth in Tokyo for the next 100 years, and “layers” of heritage and tradition. The tower’s silhouette displays many different expressions,
depending on the viewer’s standpoint. The lower section invokes elements from Japanese culture such as traditional lamps and platform seating.

Completion 2021( plan )
Location Tokyo
Building Use Office Building, Commercial
Site Area 約31,400㎡
Total Floor Area 約146,000㎡
Floors 40 above ground,5 basement
Structure above ground S,partially CFT
basementSRC,partially RC
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