This is a mixed-use hotel, restaurant, and retail complex near the Ginza Sukiyabashi crossing in Tokyo, at the intersection of three districts of diff ering character. The Ginza side is a fashionable shopping district. The Yurakucho and Marunouchi side has high-rise offi ce buildings. The bustling Hibiya side has sidewalks leading to shops and bars under the elevated railway lines. The site is surrounded on three sides by railway lines, an expressway, and Harumi-dori, a major avenue. Vertically, the surrounding area varies from ground level through the level of elevated transportation to the level of high-rise buildings. The architecture aims for a maximum, highdensity
footprint and re-established connections to the surrounding area, both horizontally and vertically through a relations to the varying levels of the surroundings. The expressway on the south side of the site was built before the 1964 Tokyo Olympics by fi lling in the Sotobori River. Due to the winding course of the river, this part of the site slants across the urban grid. The corner of the site lies where axial lines drawn through Daimyokoji and Harumi-dori Avenues would meet. The high-rise facade on the Harumi-dori side is off set to receive this axis with cantilevered curtain-wall volumes for hotel guest rooms. Guests have a column-free, panoramic view over the area from corner windows, embodying the hotel’s concept of continuity with the city. The 4th fl oor hotel lobby has a green terrace that functions as an urban public space connecting to space in the upper part of the expressway. Urban space is approached in three dimensions, bringing new open space and greater vitality to the city.

Completion 2018
Location Tokyo
Building Use Hotel, Shop, Restaurant
Site Area 1,530m²
Total Floor Area 15,782m²
Development Area 13 above ground, 2 basenment, 2 rooftop
Floors S above ground, SRC, RC basement
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