Ikebukuro Nishiguchi park GLOBAL RING

This was a refurbishment project to transform Ikebukuro Nishiguchi Park into a “theater park.” Centering on a “global ring” measuring 35m across modeled after a round pond that used to be here, this project created a new icon and a new flow of people in the heart of the city. Lighting and acoustic equipment installed on the ring and a stage fitted with acoustic reflector panels allow bona fide classical concerts to be held. This is a new kind of urban park that can serve as a children’s playground centered around a fountain, or a “theater park” for enjoying performances while having a glass of wine at a cafe.

Completion 2019
Location Tokyo , Toshima City
Building Use Public・Cultural・Sports, Park and External Landscaping, Theatre
Site Area 3,123m²
Total Floor Area Stage 633m², Stage 99m²
Floors Stage 2 above ground, 1 basement, Cafe  1 above ground
Structure Stage S partially RC, Cafe Wood, Pergola S
Joint Venture Landscape Plus
Awards/Prizes Wood Design Award 2020 (Lifestyle Design Category)
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